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358 Omicron cases in total; Delhi, Mumbai see spike in cases

On Friday, Delhi reported 180 instances of Covid in 24 hours, a six-month high. 680 new cases were reported in Mumbai, a 78-day high. There are also 67 Omicron cases in Delhi. Maharashtra has a total of 88. According to the government, India has 358 Omicron Covid instances thus far.

Here’s all you need to know:

The rise of Covid cases in Delhi is concerning: 180 instances today, 125 cases in 24 hours yesterday, 91 cases on Tuesday, and 69 cases on Saturday. There are presently 624 active Covid cases, including all known strains.

Mumbai, India’s financial hub, has also reported an alarming increase of Covid cases (of all known strains) after 680 new cases were discovered today, the largest single-day jump in 78 days.

India’s active Omicron caseload was 244 on Friday evening, according to the Union Health Ministry, with 114 others treated and discharged. Apart from Maharashtra and Delhi, the new strain has been found in Telangana (38), Tamil Nadu (34), Karnataka (31), Gujarat (30), Kerala (27) and Rajasthan (22).

According to data from the Health Ministry on Friday, 122 new Omicron cases were reported in the previous 24 hours, implying that India’s Omicron caseload increased by a third in a single day. One week ago, India’s Omicron caseload surpassed 100, and on Tuesday, it surpassed 200.

The fact that 91% of Omicron patients in India were completely vaccinated and 27% had no travel history adds to scientists’ concerns that the new strain can dodge existing vaccines and is established in the local community.

A research involving 3,000 fully vaccinated people will be conducted to see how boosters affect them. Booster shots are now being given in several nations, including the United States and Europe. Despite calls from scientific authorities and the World Health Organization, India has yet to do so.

The government told the Delhi High Court last week that it is analyzing the evidence on the matter and has emphasized the importance of maintaining the highest possible primary vaccine coverage – that is, ensuring that all eligible persons have gotten the required two doses.

The Allahabad High Court has ordered the Election Commission to reconsider holding polls in almost half-a-dozen states this year, including the country’s most populous state, Uttar Pradesh, because of concerns over the spread of Omicron.

In the wake of the Omicron menace, the states of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh have been the first to enforce limitations. Both states have imposed night time curfews from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. There have been over 1.5 lakh Omicron instances recorded from 108 countries, with the United Kingdom accounting for over 90,000 and Denmark for over 30,000. The virus has been related to 26 deaths. The WHO has urged countries to ‘boost, boost, boost’ in the face of the threat.

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