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“A goal properly set is halfway reached.” — Zig Ziglar

Studying at home can be difficult. And we know that the effects of 2020 meant that it’s something a lot of students have had to get accustomed to.

But as the threat for Omricon still continues , its better to pull up our socks and motivate ourselves.

Home has lots of nice distractions and often, is a far more relaxed environment than the classroom. First and foremost, it’s unlikely you have a teacher challenging you to reach your potential – instead you’re accountable for the work you get done and the success of your studies. 

It is amazing what the environment around you can do for your mental state. Organizing your desk so that everything you need is within reach is a great way to get a head start on your study session.

The hardest part of pretty much anything is starting. 

It’s a great way to keep procrastination out of your daily life. By setting aside a certain amount of time, you will not only ensure that you have enough time to complete your assignments and study for your exams, but you’ll also begin to make studying a normal part of your daily routine.

Research has proved that looking in a mirror and talking yourself up can actually help you to feel motivated to complete whatever tasks you’ve got on your to-do list.

Often, the reason why we  have no motivation to study is because we grow tired of repeating the same learning style, e.g. reading a textbook and condensing it down into a page of notes. It’s the old rinse and repeat technique that seems to work great at first, but, as with anything in life, the more we duplicate tasks, the more mundane they become. 

To keep your learning new and exciting, you should try mixing up the way you approach it, trying out new study methods. It’s a chance to get creative and mix up each day, so you don’t get into the same tiring repetition of tasks which you will soon get bored of doing. 

No matter what stage of your education you are at, you’re probably always going to come to a stage where you find yourself lacking motivation to study. Due to the unprecedented challenges this past year has brought upon us, this lack of motivation has become far more prominent for many students, mainly because of the loss of routine and ability to participate in extracurricular activities with their schoolmates and friends. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of tools and techniques you can use to try and focus your mind and help you to feel more motivated to study. Their main aim is to help your body get into the daily routine of studying, so that over time, you’ll find it far easier to ‘get into the zone’ and, ultimately, study effectively at home.

You may need to trial and error a few of them to see which work best for you, but eventually, you’ll find a rhythm and routine that works for you. 

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