Afganistan Crisis Update.

UN-Taliban Meet: Taliban’s Mullah Baradar meets key UN Authority in Kabul.

UN Humanitarian Chief Martin Griffiths met  Taliban’s Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar with their other leader  at the foreign ministry in kabul. 

Taliban meets UN official
Source : APCT NEWS
During the meeting, the Taliban pledged the safety and security of humanitarian staff and assured the United Nations of cooperation to ensure the assistance is delivered to the people of Afghanistan.

At the foreign ministry, Griffiths has assured that the United Nations will continue its support and cooperation with Afghanistan, Taliban spokesman Mohammad Naeem tweeted.

The aim of the meeting was to engage the Taliban authorities in assuring and providing humanitarian assistance to approximately 18 million people in Afghanistan.

The UN humanitarian chief Martin Griffiths reiterated the humanitarian community’s commitment to delivering ‘impartial and independent humanitarian assistance and protection to at least half the population in Afghanistan who are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance to survive, especially women and girls and minorities, at all times.

Martin Griffiths had earlier expressed concern over the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, where thousands have been left internally displaced due to the Taliban's offensive to wrest power.

Meanwhile, the head of the International Committee of the Red Cross, or ICRC, has arrived for a three-day visit in Afghanistan. Peter Maurer arrived on Sunday and plans to visit medical facilities, rehabilitation centers for victims of violence and disease as well as ICRC staffers.

The relief group said in a statement that Maurer also plans to meet with local Afghan authorities.

The Taliban authorities in return pledged the safety and security of humanitarian staff and guaranteed humanitarian access to people in need and freedom of movement to both men and women aid workers.

Further meetings are expected in the coming days. Griffiths is scheduled to meet with the representatives of UN agencies and other humanitarian organizations in Kabul to convey appreciation for their efforts to remain operational in the war-torn country and assist 8 million people in 2021.

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