Bulli Bai app accuse Neeraj Bishnoi threatens to commit suicide in Police custody

Bulli Bai app accuse Neeraj Bishnoi threatens to commit suicide in Police custody

Bulli Bai app accuse Neeraj Bishnoi threatens to commit suicide in Police custody

In Delhi police custody, Neeraj Bishnoi, the primary culprit in the Bulli Bai app, which was used by right-wing extremists to ‘auction’ Muslim women, has threatened to murder himself, according to KPS Malhotra, DCP of Intelligence Fusion and Strategic Operations (IFSO) special unit.

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According to the police, the accused has attempted suicide twice.

“The accused has admitted that he knew the authors of the app ‘Sulli Deal,’ which auctioned Muslim women. He has also admitted to having access to Sweta Singh’s user account, which has been seized by Mumbai police “, Mr Malhotra stated.

Neeraj, a second-year BTech student from a Bhopal institution, was detained by Delhi Police last week in Assam’s Jorhat district. Officials informed NDTV that the device used to develop the program, which was stored on GitHub, a Microsoft-owned software-sharing portal, had been seized. After first being prohibited by GitHub, the app has now been removed.

‘Bulli Bai’ was a rip-off of ‘Sulli Deals.’ The term “sulli” is a disparaging slang term used by India’s right-wing towards Muslim women.

Mayank Rawal, 21, Shweta Singh, and Vishal Kumar Jha were the previous three people detained in connection with the ‘Bulli Bai’ app.

The officer described him as “stable and unhurt,” noting that the suicide threat may be related to his mental condition or a desire to postpone the probe.

“He further revealed that he was in contact with the people detained by Mumbai Police in the virtual world and that he utilized Twitter group chats to communicate with them. He had never met those people and had no way of contacting them. He admitted to using the Twitter account of Shweta, the girl nabbed by Mumbai cops “, DCP Malhotra stated.

During their investigation, the authorities discovered that Neeraj Bishnoi had been “habitually hacking, defacing websites, and studying the same since he was 15 years old.”

“He has already hacked/defaced the websites of many Indian and Pakistani schools and colleges. His charges of hacking into school websites are being investigated by interested parties “, according to reliable sources.

DCP Malhotra responded to an inquiry about Neeraj’s contact with the inventor of the Sulli Deals app by saying, “To find the perpetrator, the more technological study is being done. The technological equipment is being forensically examined.”

“He (Neeraj) stated he picked the Gurmukhi script in the crime because he thought it was more impactful than the Devanagari script,” police said on Friday.

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