CDS chopper crash: Tri-services probe report submitted to Rajnath Singh; here’s all the details

CDS chopper crash: Tri-services probe report submitted to Rajnath Singh; here’s all the details

The findings of a tri-services probe into the helicopter crash that killed Chief of Defence Staff Gen Bipin Rawat and 13 others on December 8 were presented to Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Wednesday, according to persons familiar with the case.

The inquiry into the crash of the Russian-made Mi-17V5 helicopter near Coonoor in Tamil Nadu is already complete, according to people who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

There was no formal reaction to the news.

cds chopper crash

The Indian Air Force’s Air Marshal Manavendra Singh presided over the court of investigation into the disaster (IAF). The inquiry team included an Indian Navy senior helicopter pilot and an army commander. Singh, who is in charge of the Indian Air Force’s training command in Bengaluru, is regarded as a top air crash investigator.

According to the persons cited previously, the investigation report indicates that the chopper had no technical problems and crashed when it approached a low-visibility patch just minutes before the scheduled landing.

According to reports, the incident was not caused by a mechanical problem with the IAF helicopter. According to reports, the helicopter was following a railway line at a low height when it unexpectedly met dense clouds.

The helicopter’s whole crew was well trained, and some stories claim the crash was caused by a “controlled flight into terrain” due to a lack of situational awareness.

The investigation is also likely to recommend that the criteria for selecting air crew for VVIP flights be changed.

Other enhancements, such as specialised avionics and technology on board VVIP aircraft that can give the crew increased situational awareness while flying in low-visibility situations, are unknown at this time.

The Mi 17V5 that flew the CDS and others was a regular configuration aircraft that didn’t have any VVIP-specific equipment.

The crew of the Mi 17V5 that crashed near Wellington last month was made up of highly experienced officers who had logged thousands of hours in the air. In the future, it’s conceivable that a mix-and-match crew will be recommended, with officers with less flying experience among them.

Among those killed in the crash were the CDS’s wife Madhulika, his defence adviser Brig LS Lidder, staff officer Lt Col Harjinder Singh, and Group Captain Varun Singh.

According to the sources, the investigating team looked into all possible possibilities for the disaster, including human error or the crew becoming disoriented.

The committee is also thought to have drafted some proposals for changing standard operating procedures for military helicopters transporting senior officers.

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