Don’t panic! No lockdown in Gurugram for now, says DC

Gurugram Deputy Commissioner Yash Garg stated on Wednesday that the Covid infection is under control and that there is no need for a lockdown given the present scenario in the district, despite rumours of a lockdown in the district due to the recent rise in Covid cases.

He advised residents in the district, particularly employees, not to panic but to take measures.

“The number of Corona patients has risen, but the majority of them are experiencing just minor symptoms. Only around 1% to 2% of patients need to be admitted to a hospital. There is no need to worry, but everyone should use extreme caution “Garg said.

According to the Deputy Commissioner, production units and industries are operating normally in Gurugram, and rumours concerning worker migration have been debunked.

He told IANS, “The workers are not moving anywhere from Gurugram.”

Vinay Gupta, the patron of the Daulatabad Industrial Area Association, claimed that industrial facilities are operating normally and that rumours about employees fleeing to their home states are incorrect and misleading.

According to him, there is no information of any workers leaving Gurugram’s industrial region.

Deepak Maini, state secretary of the Federation of Indian Industry, and officials from the Sector 37 Industrial Association also stated that factories are working well and that people are showing up for work.

“We have not received any information on workers returning to their homes as of yet, and these are merely rumours. We also urged the personnel to keep performing their jobs and not listen to rumours “Maini remarked.

Manoj Tyagi, secretary of the IMT Manesar Industrial Association, claimed that the industrial facilities in Manesar are operating normally and that there is no labour shortage whatsoever.

Tyagi also appealed to the workers not to pay heed to such rumours and continue with their work while focusing only on Covid appropriate behaviour.

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