Fashion trends to look forward to in year 2022

The year 2021 fashion trends, which we all despised to the core, has finally arrived. With stars in our eyes and prayers in our hearts, we look forward to the year 2022. This is the year in which we have set all of our hopes. The fashion industry is in an unusual position as a result of the epidemic that has profoundly affected the world. Fashion trend projections, which were once the bible for critics, designers, and fashionistas all over the world, have lost their lustre. We currently have only suggestions. fashion trends Predictions based on what we saw individuals do this year as they tried to balance couch life with party glitz and glam. The end effect is a mash-up of the two styles, with a slouchy silhouette on one hand and a lot of sparkle and shimmer on the other. Fashion is no longer a one-size-fits-all proposition. The important terms are “fluid,” “personal,” and “customizable.” Very Peri, the Pantone colour of the year, isn’t your style? Get rid of it and replace it with orange. You won’t be judged by the fashion police. Make your own decisions in style! That is exactly what we intend to do! We maintained an eye on worldwide runway shows for spring/summer 2022 to evaluate on what lines the global labels want to shape fashion this year, while being bound by habit from years as a fashion editor. Here are ten helpful hints for you! Make them your own by adding a few personal touches.

fashion trends 2022

Girl it’s your time to shine!

Yes, we’re sounding a little repetitious here! We’re well aware that we’ve been writing about this pattern for the previous three years. We can’t, however, ignore this massive tendency. Anything that sparkles and shimmers is here to stay, including sequins, metallics, and dazzle. Sequins and metallics, which were formerly limited to party wear and celebratory attire, are now a year-round part of our lives. Consider a sequined top-to-toe ensemble for a night on the town, or a metallic tote to complement your work-glam ensemble.

Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Carolina Herrera, to name a few….

It’s your time to choose your desired length

Miniskirts were a mainstay in all of the major fashion houses’ spring/summer 2022 runway shows! The hemline index theory, which states that skirt lengths decrease in good times and increase in poor times, does not appear to apply this year. Despite the worldwide economic downturn, hemlines are on the rise. It appears that showing some leg might make one feel gorgeous and joyful!

Brands to watch: Prada, Miu Miu, Missoni, Hermes, Dior…

And finally, Low-rise is back!

Low-rise trousers, whether in denim or not, harken back to the millennium’s beginnings. Our trousers were dangerously low on our waists in the early 2000s. And we adored it, especially when we glammed it up with belly tattoos or silver chains. Do it all over again because low-rise trousers are making a comeback! Allow your jeans to sit low on your hips.

Dolce & Gabbana, Balenciaga, Vetements, Bottega Veneta, Tom Ford… are some of the brands to keep an eye on.

PS: As a micro trend, keep an eye out for metallic waist chains or chain belts!

Oversize everything and say hi to comfort !

We’ve been lounging at home in casual silhouettes for almost two years, and we’ve practically formed emotional relationships with our wardrobe’s large pieces. And we’re adamant about keeping them! Oversized shirts, slouchy jeans, and huge jackets are and will continue to be our greatest friends. In the year 2022, a flowing big shirt paired with on-trend slouchy slacks will be incredibly trendy! A big, boxy jacket a size larger than yours, on the other hand, will look great!

Fendi and Zara are two of the most well-known watch brands.

Welcome Bra tops!

This is a style for the daring fashionista, but it appeared on too many runways throughout the world this season for us to ignore it. Consider it a beneficial layering piece to wear beneath your blazer or jacket when out partying instead of a T-shirt. It’s a foolproof method to glitz up a structured, tailored suit.

Michael Kors and Alexander McQueen are two brands to keep an eye on….

Capes and drapes, please!

Wraps, shrugs, and capes aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Whether it was to dress up a simple tee for a Zoom call or to cover up a vest for a guest at the door, these pieces have always come through for us. And we’re going to stick by them! Fendi, for example, was inspired by flowing capes and attached trains to plain shirts, adding a dash of glitz!

Brand watch: Fendi, Valentino….

It’s all about Co-ords this yearWe warned you at the outset that we’re still hungover from last year’s trends, and co-ords are no exception!

Co-ords and twin-set clothes have been our favourites in recent months, and we’d like to keep them. Co-ords are skirts and blazers that match, or shirts and pants in the same print or colour scheme that look feminine, classy, and put-together without breaking a sweat.

Brands to watch: Chanel, Dior, Versace, to name a few….

haze of blue-purple

Color trend experts expect a warm palette for the year, with bright colours thrown in for good measure. Very Peri, a “blue-purple haze,” was recently named Pantone’s colour of the year for 2022. “A warm and pleasant blue hue with a carefree confidence and joyous attitude,” according to the shade, which is taken from the violet-blue periwinkle flower. While Pantone chose Very Peri as the colour of the year, it also predicts that other shades of blue will be popular this year. Pantone predicts that Spun Sugar, a pastel blue, Glacier Lake, a powdered blue, Skydiver, a vivid blue, and Harbour Blue, a dark blue-green colour, will be big this year. Whatever shade it is, blue appears to be the hottest colour this year!


Here’s a new one for you! We’ve been in love with jumpsuits and playsuits for far too long, and it was time for a change. It’s time for the catsuits to appear! Consider these a hotter take on jumpsuits or a dazzling makeover for your yoga pants! Catsuits aren’t for the faint of heart, but we expect them to become popular among celebrities and party goers in the near future.

Burberry, Yves Saint Laurent are some brands you can look forward to..

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