Hot chocolate weather giving us all the chills

Reports say that the temperature would continue to dip in the coming days.

“Change in weather conditions is due to western disturbance. Temperatures would fall and fog will be back as soon as the western disturbance fizzles out.” Meteorology department official.

Cold conditions intensified on Saturday as icy winds reeled the city and turned the day into a Cold Day again. The maximum temperature dropped by three degrees Celsius from normal temperature.

The temperature falls 2 degrees below in the eastern area of Indore that is the agriculture college.

Cold winds were blowing in the city since Thursday night and continued throughout the day on Friday. Due to chilly winds, people remained confined to their homes and offices throughout the day and traffic was thin on the roads.

The maximum temperature on Friday was recorded at 27.4 degrees Celsius, which was three degrees Celsius more the normal, whereas the minimum temperature was recorded at 14.1 degrees Celsius, which was two degree Celsius below the normal temperature.

The visibility on Friday morning was also dropped to 1500 metres and the visibility more than that was not there.

While talking about the country A weather phenomenon that typically delivers harsher winters is on the way and expected to add to Asia’s energy crisis. And, north India may witness the chilliest/ extremely cold winter due to the La Nina that has been emerging in the Pacific Ocean.

The La Nina weather pattern causes frigid winters in the northern hemisphere. It is likely to hound parts of India with extremely cold winters. As per the Bloomberg report, January and February will be particularly cold in some northern states with temperatures set to fall as low as 3 degrees Celsius before recovering.

How to cope with harsh winters?

1) Prepare: Have proper clothing ready, winter car kits, room heaters, home supplies, and more.

2) Stay clear of hypothermia and frostbite: Even in 10 degree Celsius temperatures, you’re at risk of losing too much core and limb heat.

3) Protect your body heat: Protect it, trap it, and treat it like the precious resource it is.

4) Dress in layers: The air trapped between each layer holds your body heat, like your own personal hot tub. Also, layers give you better control over regulating body heat so you can avoid dangerous sweating.

The layers should fit loosely because tight clothing reduces blood circulation and warm blood needs to be circulated to the extremities. Make sure to protect the ears, face, hands and feet in extremely cold weather. Boots should be waterproof and insulated. Be sure to wear a hat.

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