Impact Of Covid 19 3rd Wave In India.

Coverage of the COVID-19 crisis, its impact on India, and the response of civil society and the government to the pandemic.
There has been some speculation about the third wave being even stronger than the second. However, this is not something that can be predicted.As the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic ravaged urban and rural India alike, governments, civil society, and communities had to grapple with an over burdened healthcare system, lack of basic necessities such as food and medical support, loss of livelihoods, vaccine hesitancy, and many more things.
When the number of cases began declining in India after mid-September last year 2020, only a very small fraction of the population had got infected. There was no reason for the disease spread to have slowed down, considering that such a large proportion of the population was still susceptible. The reasons for the five-month continuous decline in cases in India is still not very well understood.
And since we thought that second wave was expected to be weaker than the first, many were fooled into believing that the pandemic was nearing its end. But its  not the end. 
According to the reports, Corona figures in the country are indicating the beginning of the third wave. Out of the last 10 days, more than 40 thousand new cases have come in 9 days. Since August 24 till now, that is, in 12 days, this has happened 11 times when an increase in active cases has been registered.
  • Corona Virus  epidemic figures in the country…
  • Total new cases came in the
  • last 24 hours : 42,667 Total cured in the
  • last 24 hours : 36,422 Total deaths in the last 24 hours: 342
  • Total infected so far: 3.29 crore
  • cured so far: 3.20 crore
  • Total deaths so far: 4.40 lakhTotal number of patients currently undergoing treatment: 3.99 lakh

In Madhya Pradesh , 18 new cases were reported here on Friday and 8 were cured. So far 7.92 lakh people have come under the grip of infection in the state. Of these, 7.81 lakh people have been cured, while 10,516 people died. 101 patients are currently undergoing treatment.

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