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“Impose night curfews if needed”, center tells states today; here’s all the detail

The Center has warned states that Omicron is three times as infectious as Delta and that “war rooms” are needed to contain it. It outlined a number of preventative and containment measures, including thorough testing, a night curfew, and collection regulation.

Here are all the key points that need to know:

The health ministry’s letter stated that the measures implemented should be based on local situations, and it established criteria for what it referred to as “threshold limits.”

According to the Center, the thresholds are test positivity of 10% or more in the previous week or 40% occupancy on oxygen-supported or ICU beds.

According to the Center, states and union territories can implement “containment measures, limits even before thresholds are achieved.”

The Delta version, in addition to Omicron, is “still existent” in various sections of the country, according to the letter.

The letter said decision-making at the state/UT and district level “must be very prompt and focused and take containment measures and restrictions even before these thresholds are reached,” calling for “greater foresight, data analysis, dynamic decision making, and strict and prompt containment action.”

The Center has mentioned door-to-door case searches and contact tracking of all Covid-positive people as test and surveillance measures.

Cluster infection samples must be forwarded to INSACOG Labs for Genome Sequencing as soon as possible.

The states have also been ordered to “accelerate and ensure” that all children are vaccinated.

Emergency funding could also be utilized to expand medical infrastructure, such as hospital beds, ambulances, oxygen equipment, and drugs.

According to India’s Health Ministry, the number of Omicron cases has surpassed 200. The states with the most cases of the new variety are Maharashtra and Delhi, with 54 occurrences each, followed by Telangana (20), Karnataka (19), Rajasthan (18), Kerala (15), and Gujarat (15). (14). According to the ministry, 77 patients have recovered or relocated.

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