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ISRO signs deal with Chinese company Oppo for NavIC service research and development

The Indian Space Research Organization and Chinese smart device company Oppo have agreed to collaborate on NavIC messaging service research and development.

The NavIC system provides detailed regional navigation services for the Indian mainland as well as an area up to 1,500 kilometers beyond it. NavIC can broadcast short messages in addition to its primary role of delivering PNT (position, navigation, and timing) services.

Under the terms of the agreement, ISRO and Oppo India will share technical information about NavIC messaging services in order to develop rapid, ready-to-use, end-to-end application-specific solutions by integrating NavIC messaging with the mobile handset platform while keeping Indian users’ needs in mind.

“By adding the NavIC short messaging feature in the smartphones issued by OPPO India, the pact would open the road for future partnerships between ISRO and Oppo India to develop indigenous solutions,” Oppo India said in a statement.

The messaging service is primarily used to send life-saving notifications in locations where communication is poor or non-existent, such as the oceans.

“In accordance with our most recent MoU, we will supply ISRO with our industry-leading R&D skills in order to provide users of the NavIC application with a smooth experience. OPPO will invest in further scaling the product with its competitive and skilled R&D team, in accordance with our objective of Make in India “Tasleem Arif, Oppo India Vice President and India R&D Head, stated.

Oppo India has a manufacturing facility in Noida and a research and development center in Hyderabad. “K Sivan, Secretary, DOS / Chairman, ISRO, praised OPPO India’s efforts in growing the NavIC application through new R&D initiatives. He also encouraged OPPO India to incorporate NavIC into all future products “According to the statement.

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