Karwa Chauth 2021: What if You Are Sick ? Husband Can Fast And do The puja if The Wife is Unwell | Expert Speaks !

Karwa Chauth 2021: What if You Are Sick? Husband Can Fast And do The Puja if The Wife is Unwell | Expert Speaks!
Karwa Chauth 2021: One of the most popular festivals in India, Karwa Chauth, is celebrated with much fanfare and enthusiasm across North India. Mostly observed by the Hindu married women, this year, the festival will be celebrated on October 24. On this day, married women from different parts of the country observe nirjala vrat that requires women to observe fast throughout the day and they are not allowed to eat or drink anything including water. This fast is observed for the whole day for their partner’s long and healthy life. Karwa Chauth is touted as one of the most difficult fasts to keep.
According to traditions, if a woman is observing the fast, she can’t quit it mid-way. In many cases, many women observe the fast and fall sick in between. Acharya Arvind Mishra in interaction with Aaj Tak shares tips on how to keep the fast when sick without breaking the norms.

If she is sick:

If a woman’s health is extremely bad, then her husband should observe the fast instead. In the evening, the husband should do the puja rituals along with the wife. If the woman wants to observe the fast, then she can consume fruits.

If she is admitted to the hospital:

A woman who wishes to observe the fast can do so by purifying themselves with a few splashes of water, then in the evening can emotionally complete the fast by offering salutations and arghya to the moon. By doing this too, they will get the full fruit of the fast.

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