Low intensity blast in Rohini courtroom; one injured

A low-intensity blast rocked the Rohini courtroom this morning at about 10:40 a.m., injuring a constable and putting the entire court on edge.

One individual was hurt in the event, which occurred inside chamber number 102. Following the event, the court procedures were halted.

Constable Rajiv Kumar of the Sultanpuri police station has been recognised as the injured court employee. For treatment, he was transferred to the Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar Hospital.

Few parts of the Rohini courthouse floor caved in as a result of the explosion. The judicial proceedings have been halted, according to police.

While the exact origin of the explosion is still unknown, initial indications suggest it was caused by a laptop or tiffin box explosion.

The police are currently investigating the matter, according to PTI, and more information is pending.

Advocate Vineet Jindal, the General Secretary of the North Delhi Lawyers Association, released a press statement saying:

“Security lapse in district courts is a great concern for litigants and advocates. Delhi High Court is also taking note upon the security lapse and has issued directions to the Delhi police, but the security issue is still the same. Delhi’s District Courts must have a delegated security unit with updated gadgets, then only we can ensure the security of Delhi’s district courts. Judge advocates and litigants who visit Courts to get justice must have a secure environment in the Court. Nowadays, litigants, advocates and even judges are scared due to the recent incident in district courts in Delhi.”

In September this year, three individuals were killed in a gunfight inside the Rohini courtroom including mobster Jitender Gogi.

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