Mumbai covid cases spark upto 47% in a single day, Authorities imposes 5pm-5am ban till Jan 15

Today, Mumbai saw a staggering 47 percent increase in daily Covid cases, with 5,428 infections reported in only 24 hours. Maharashtra reported a 50 percent increase in daily Covid instances, with 8,067 cases. During the same time period, eight people died.

Four instances of the highly transmissible Omicron variation were reported today in Maharashtra, bringing the total number of cases of the ‘variant of concern’ in the state to 454.

Beaches, sea faces, promenades, parks, and other public places in Mumbai have been closed to the general public between 5 p.m. and 5 a.m. until January 15, owing to a tidal wave of cases believed to be caused by Omicron.

Mumbai’s city administration has reactivated its ward-level war rooms in anticipation of a third wave of the coronavirus. Hospital admissions, oxygen and pharmaceutical requirements, and vaccinations will all be handled by the War Rooms.

One of the main topics discussed at Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray’s meeting with the state’s Covid task team yesterday was the new variety that is thought to be pushing up the number of infections in the state and throughout the world. Maharashtra has the most cases of Omicron overall in the country.

Over the last week, Mumbai has experienced a five-fold surge in daily cases, with 683 infections recorded on Friday.
The Omicron variant was detected in at least 37% of the Covid samples collected in Mumbai between December 21 and December 22, according to the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC). None of the samples had a history of travel.

Maharashtra is one of the eight states to whom the Centre sent a letter on Thursday, urging them to take prompt action to stem the surge. According to insiders, the Centre’s suggestion was to “take steps immediately to minimise greater mortality.”

Here’s a quick rundown over the major events:

Large gatherings are also prohibited under the order, which went into effect at 1 p.m. on Friday and will remain in effect until January 15, unless revoked earlier, according to senior police officer S Chaitanya.

“In light of the surge in cases and appearance of the new Omicron variety, the city continues to be threatened by COVID-19 pandemic,” the directive stated. Authorities had already outlawed all major gatherings in the run-up to the New Year.

The highly infectious Omicron strain has caused a substantial spike in coronavirus cases in Mumbai and Maharashtra in recent days.

Maharashtra recorded 5,368 new coronavirus infections in the previous 24 hours on Thursday, up 37% from the day before. 198 of them were Omicron. With 3,671 illnesses, Mumbai saw a huge 46 percent increase. At 190, the city also had the highest number of new Omicron patients in the state.

The state has registered 450 patients who have been impacted by Omicron so far. Over 960 cases of the new variety have been reported in India.

The daily surge in Covid cases in India’s financial capital has increased five-fold in the last week, with 683 infections recorded last Friday.

Fearing a new coronavirus outbreak, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has reactivated its ward-level war rooms to deal with the rising number of infections.

These war rooms are located in each of the 24 wards and are used to coordinate hospital admissions, oxygen and pharmaceutical needs, and vaccinations. Patients isolated at their homes are likewise tracked by the war rooms, which follow the “test, trace, and treat” method.

While the number of instances has increased, the Mumbai civic body has stated that more than 90% of the cases are asymptomatic. Despite a restriction on big gatherings ahead of New Year’s Eve celebrations, the streets are nonetheless packed.

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