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Must-reads in 2022; check out the list (Part 1)

Reading can help you build a positive mindset. It broadens your horizons and delivers a variety of knowledge and life lessons. It helps you to learn more about the world around you while also boosting your imagination and keeping your mind active.

The following is a list of this year’s most recent releases:

What the Heck Do I Do With My Life?: How to Flourish in Our Turbulent Times

Technology, climate change, demography, and inequality are just a few of the factors that will drive our world to change more in this century than it has in all of human history. Individuals, businesses, and society face unprecedented opportunities as well as an “adaptive challenge” as a result of extreme change. Those who are able to adapt to a fast-paced, complicated, dynamic, and unpredictably changing environment will thrive. Those who are unable to do so will be greatly harmed.

There are apparent signs all over the place that we need new ways of thinking about the world and our position in it. Our previous perspectives on education, lifestyle, success, and happiness are no longer applicable. What changes have occurred in the workplace? How do you know what skills will be important in the future when new occupations are continually being invented? Will, we be consigned to a world of projects and freelance labour, or will ‘jobs’ even exist in the future? What are you going to do with all of this?

It’s a guide to determining what you want to accomplish with your life. Effective adaptation in the twenty-first century, according to Ravi Venkatesan, requires a “paradigm shift,” a new mentality, new abilities, and new methodologies. Ravi also discusses how, rather than drifting along like driftwood, we will need to live life more deliberately, making purposeful choices about who we are, what we do, and how we live.

Neeraj Chopra: From Panipat to The Podium

A billion Indians’ long-held dream came fulfilled on August 7, 2021, when Neeraj Chopra won gold in the javelin at the Tokyo Olympics 2020. On the other side, the wait had been excruciating. In fact, since the modern Olympic Games began, this is India’s first individual gold medal in athletics. When he did it with his unique flair and smile, the entire country showered him with love. The media went berserk, and the youth found a new source of motivation. Businesses discovered a new wonder ambassador as people gathered to have their photographs taken with him. From Panipat to the Podium starts in a tiny village in Panipat and follows the narrative of Neeraj Chopra’s formative years, which were distinguished by limited resources and chances. In his desire to conquer the globe, it takes readers on a journey to Panchkula and then to the national camp.

My Cricket Hero: XII Indians on their XII favorite Cricketers

Keki Daruwalla’s piece on Polly Umrigar, Fredun De Vitre’s piece on Chandu Borde, Gulu Ezekiel’s piece on Eknath Solkar, Hemant Kenkre’s piece on Sunil Gavaskar, Amrit Mathur’s piece on Salim Durani, Kersi Meher-piece Homji’s on Vijay Hazare’s piece.

It’s A Wonderful World: A Memoir

His book is a thought-provoking read that makes us wish we had his life. Beginning with his birth in Mumbai’s destitute Madanpura to a father who began his life as an orphan and a mother from a poor family, Khalid Ansari’s life has been an exciting and purposeful journey in service to his fellow human beings. In this ‘donkey’s story,’ Ansari has sought to convey the highlights of a dazzling life that he has been fortunate enough to live, catching stars while chasing rainbows. From founding newspapers and magazines to representing his country at the United Nations, accompanying dignitaries on state visits, covering cricket Test matches, nine Olympics, Commonwealth, and Asian Games, traveling the world, and receiving the Padma Shri award, his life has been a dream come true. The author has laboured hard to avoid this story from devolving into a pat-on-the-back for ‘I-did-this-did-that,’ shabash!’ He has attempted a discourse on the meaning of life, the ‘right path,’ and the like by spicing it up with dollops of frothy anecdotes and self-critical bon mots, just as he has attempted a discourse on the purpose of life, the ‘proper route,’ and the like.

The Scindia Legacy: From Ranoji to Jyotiraditya

From monarchy to politics, a hard-hitting look at the history of one of India’s greatest dynasties, embroiled in wars, public debates, and property disputes. The Scindia dynasty, which dates back 300 years, is arguably India’s only royal family recognized not just for its limitless wealth and popularity, but also for its significant social contributions, mostly via politics. There are innumerable stories—some repeated frequently, some rarely—from the time Ranoji Scindia founded the dynasty in 1731 through Rajmata Vijaya Raje Scindia’s hesitant entry into politics in 1957 to Jyotiraditya Scindia’s admission into the Rajya Sabha in 2020. According to the book, only Madhavrao, Rajmata’s and Jyotiraditya’s father, had never lost an election in the three generations of politics.

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