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Must-reads in 2022; check out the list (Part 2)

Reading can help you build a positive mindset. It broadens your horizons and delivers a variety of knowledge and life lessons. It helps you to learn more about the world around you while also boosting your imagination and keeping your mind active.

The following is a list of this year’s most recent releases:

Ammi: An Expression of Love

Is a meal only about putting the right ingredients together, or is there more to it? Ammi is a Tamil term that alludes to the Ammi Kallu, a traditional South Indian stone grinder. The term ‘Ammi,’ which may be expressed in a multitude of ways, including cooking, embodies warmth, kindness, and unconditional love. This cookbook is just as much about entertaining guests as it is about dining with them. With a generous mix of bakes and grills thrown in for good measure, the 108 recipes in this book explore the breadth and complexity of South Indian and Southeast Asian cuisines.

Decoding Business Minds: Unleashing The Power of Wealth Creation

This is a manifesto to change a country where a Master of Business Administration (MBA) is more commonly utilized to find work than to start a business! Serial entrepreneur Ajay Gupta is a typical Indian businessman. He’s spent more than three decades in business, developing businesses that have prospered despite a variety of obstacles and challenges provided by the entrepreneurial ecosystem, particularly a societal mindset that extends back to the British Raj. The majority of Indians are not accustomed to thinking of business as a career. In actuality, in Indian middle-class homes, business is not seen as a stable source of income. Many of the fallacies about business and businessmen are the reason why even those with an innate talent to succeed struggle. Many of these myths are refuted in this book, which looks at how India may truly become aatmanirbhar and provide infinite riches to everyone.

Grow Your Baby, Not Your Weight

An Extraordinary Memoir of Pregnancy, Birthing and Everything Between

You’re expecting a baby, right? That’s fantastic! Isn’t it a dream come true to be completely pregnant?

For far too long, Indian women have been taught that pregnancy and motherhood imply the loss of their autonomy. Being a mother used to entail sacrificing your health, appearance, work, and sense of self. That, however, is no longer the case. In her debut memoir, Durga Shakti Nagpal, a senior officer of the Indian Administrative Service and mother of two feisty little princesses, lays forth a detailed strategy for a stress-free pregnancy. She’ll make sure the start of your life as a mother is handled with the care and precision of a drill sergeant while being relevant to the typical Indian mother-to-be.

Everyday Gita: 365 days of wisdom

Why do we obsess about things that don’t require our attention? Why do we have such irrational fears? This book provides 365 verses of unadulterated wisdom that solve all of our questions. Every day is different in our lives’ fight, and each one has its own set of challenges. We can never be completely prepared for all that life throws our way. It’s not unusual for us to be dissatisfied, if not terrified, like Arjun, the Pandava prince, was right before the Mahabharata conflict began. Lord Krishna, fortunately for him, served as a therapist, drawing him from the depths of his terror. After 700 words, Krishna clarified the problem.

Shuddha: Your Journey Within to Stay Cleansed

The Shuddha program is a one-of-a-kind combination of clinical holistic nutrition and Ayurvedic principles that have been demonstrated to help individuals with chronic diseases. With this strong combo, staying clean is a lot simpler than you would think! The Shuddha program eliminates contaminants that you were previously ignorant of from your mind, body, and spirit. Once these substances are released, there is no room for infection. Rachna Chhachhi, a recognized nutritional therapist and cancer nutrition specialist, lays out a step-by-step approach for you to follow in order to attain your goal of being disease-free and emotionally and physically balanced, replete with recipes and advice. ‘Quick solutions, shortcuts, fad diets, and magical therapies will not help you,’ the author warns.

Ganga: Re-imagining, Rejuvenating, Re-connecting

According to many people, Ganga is the river, the life-giver, the mother, and the Goddess.

This insider’s perspective from two change-makers discusses their long and winding road to success, which has entailed overcoming issues including over-abstraction of water, pollution abatement, behavioral change, and creating collaborative coalitions. More significantly, it helped to rekindle some of the people’s feelings for their Mothers and goddesses.

The task isn’t done yet, according to the writers; there’s still a lot of work to be done. The successful journey so far, however, is a tribute to the principle that a job well began is not only half done but also provides a road map for future successes, as proven by the results of this book.

Candy Floss

Candy Floss explores family, media, teenage emotions, and, most crucially, the progressive reveal of feminine identity in a metropolitan context. Arvind Krishna Mehrotra, Robert Frost, Wendy Cope, Ranjit Hoskot, William Carlos Williams, and Carol Ann Duffy all affected the poem, which is a modern free verse investigation of a decaying adolescent’s mind. Candy Floss is infused with optimism and mischief, with the author purposely leaving a trail of unanswered questions and unresolved anguish as he develops, while abandoning a trail of unanswered questions and unresolved angst. The writer, on the other hand, takes a hard look at her world and mourns it loudly.

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