No lockdown in Delhi for now: CM Kejriwal

On Tuesday, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal reaffirmed that the Delhi administration is well prepared to cope with any problems that the Covid-19 scenario may bring. It will not, however, impose a lockdown.

“We have everything we need. If required, we have the capacity to expand to 37,000 beds. Our whole capacity of 37,000 beds has yet to be utilized. By preparing 37,000 beds in Delhi, we may be able to prepare 10000-11000 ICUs if necessary. Right now, though, there isn’t much of a need for that “After evaluating the Covid preparation at the Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan (LNJP) Hospital on Tuesday afternoon, the CM issued a statement.

He said, “I met with Dr. Suresh Kumar, Director of LNJP, and the whole LNJP Hospital staff today. I arrived here to assess the Covid preparations. It effectively treated the greatest number of patients. After obtaining treatment at this hospital, more than 22,000 patients have returned home.”

In response to the Covid-19 limitations, he stated, “I’d want to make it clear to them that these restrictions were placed against their will. I recognize that we must strike a difficult balance at this time. On the one hand, it involves people’s employment, and imposing limits will jeopardize people’s work. Your health and life, on the other hand, will be jeopardized if we do not set limits.”

He remarked, when asked about the limits in the districts around Delhi, “I’ll make a formal complaint to the federal government about this. We also told the federal government delegates at the DDMA (Delhi Disaster Management Authority) meeting that placing restrictions only in Delhi would not be enough; the entire NCR would have to be included. They have said that these restrictions would be enforced throughout the NCR.”

After registering 19,166 new cases, Delhi reported a 25% increase in Covid-19 instances. With this, the total number of infections has risen to 15,68,896. Meanwhile, the city has recorded 17 Covid fatalities for the second day in a row, bringing the total number of deaths to 25,177.

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