Omicron has taken 2 deaths in India and its really important for Indians to stay home and safe ,

A 73-year-old man, who was found infected with Omicron in genome sequencing and who had tested negative for the infection twice, died in a Udaipur hospital on December 31.

The man was admitted to Udaipur’s Maharana Bhupal government hospital on December 15, tested negative for Covid twice, and eventually died on December 31. Doctors in Udaipur said the patient, who was fully vaccinated, had a host of comorbidities.

Lav Agarwal, Joint Secretary at the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, said Wednesday: “Technically it is an Omicron-related death. He was an elderly person who had diabetes and comorbid conditions.”

disha on Thursday reported its first and the country’s second confirmed Omicron-related death. The central government, less than 24 hours earlier, had said that the death of a 72-year-old man from Rajasthan’s Udaipur has been counted as the country’s first “Omicron death”.

In Odisha, the state’s first Omicron-related death has come to light in the Balangir district. The deceased has been identified as a 55-year-old woman who died at the Veer Surendra Sai Institute Of Medical Sciences And Research (VIMSAR) in Burla in Sambalpur district on December 27.

The woman, a resident of Agalpur village, had no prior travel history to a foreign country.

A team of healthcare workers rushed to the woman’s village on Thursday for contact tracing. Swab samples of her family members and other contacts were collected.

The cases are now being reported from all districts, which means Omicron has spread its tentacles across the State. Infections will rise further in the coming days. We will step up testing. The ICMR has approved new kits for Omicron testing. The State government will soon get the kits for faster testing,” the Health Director added.

The Omicron tally in the country reached 2,630, with Maharashtra (797) topping the count, followed by Delhi (465), Rajasthan (236) and Kerala (234).

Covid cases across the country are seeing a major jump with bigger cities being the worst affected since Omicron emerged as the dominant variant. Despite relatively low rates of hospitalization, experts are warning against taking Omicron infection lightly

When infected with the new mutant variant, the individual experiences more or less the same symptoms as witnessed when infected with the original strain or the previously mutated virus. The first few symptoms of Omicron are mild fever, fatigue, scratchy throat and body pain. Loss of smell and taste, which was a common ailment during the infection with Delta variant is not associated with omicron. As far as, post-infection complication of the new variant of concern goes, no information on this matter is available till now. Researchers are still trying to gather more data on this new strain that originated in South Africa just over a month ago.

If you have come in contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19, immediately isolate yourself. Stay away from others for at least 10 days to reduce the risk of infection. In the meantime, get yourself tested. Even if you are vaccinated or have been following all the COVID norms, isolation is essential to protect your loved one from the risk of infection. If you witness any symptoms related to COVID-19 during the isolation period, contact your doctor to know the further course of action.

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