Omicron supports distance learning

Covid-19 has caused destruction and devastation worldwide in ways nobody could anticipate. The world in one way or another came to a standstill. Life as we knew it changed. And this change became the new constant.

Educational institutions took to online teaching. The start of this change felt rather very enticing for the students with not having to rush and get ready to reach the institutions, and being in the comfort of their homes.

However, this peace didn’t last as long. Online education has taken a huge toll on the mental and physical health of students as well as their teachers.

Distance learning has been around for a long time, even before technology made it extremely accessible. Traditional schooling is now seeing an increased proliferation of virtual training materials and online courses. Even in a world of tried and tested schooling systems and curricula, the most successful schools are the ones who adapt to the changing times, as well as to the expectations of students, parents and the society. If online education is here to stay, then what are its implications for traditional learning? Instead of focusing on pros and cons, the conversation we should be having today is about leveraging online education to make our education systems more conducive to learning.

Online education can also be designed to accommodate a variety of learning styles among students. As educators, it is likely that we will have to put in additional efforts to incorporate online learning programs into the curriculum in the most suitable manner.

Online training programs  are helping teachers/educators advance their skills in curriculum implementation, policy, education systems and leadership, both independently and with the support of their institutions. It lets them collaborate with their peers and learn new instructional skills that are relevant to their career. These programs can help them develop new skills and capabilities in their students with the help of technology and interdisciplinary approaches.

As the overlap of the traditional and online modes of education is becoming more and more inevitable, we owe it to our students to make their education relevant to their future through ingenuity, passion and careful planning.

As omicron enters the scenario, no one knows till how long this will continue, major educations centers have opened with everyone having their different terms and conditions but its very difficult to predict the future of education .

The decision of reopening all the schools was not received well by schools across Mumbai and the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) with many worried about handling more students on campus at a time when the country is witnessing rising cases of the Omicron variant of Covid-19. Recently,  Maharashtra reported eight new Omicron cases taking the state’s tally to 28. All eight patients reported on Tuesday had no history of international travel, unlike the previous 20.

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