Priyanka Chopra remove her husband’s surname “Jonas”

Priyanka Chopra’s recent action has proved her stated quote — ‘I have never shied away from change’

“Damn! I just died in your arms…” Priyanka Chopra commented on the Instagram video of his husband Nick Jonas, posted on Monday afternoon.

The awe-inspiring video shows, Jonas, 29, fueling his biceps through some heavy bicep curls while embracing his manliness in the mirror.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas were top on the trending list after the news got viral about their shattering relationship as Priyanka Chopra remove her husband’s surname “Jonas”. Priyanka’s changed Instagram moniker has also led to guessworks about the couple’s current relationship status.

After Priyanka’s uncanny action, her adherents were in heebie-jeebies. Meanwhile, Priyanka Chopra’s mother Madhu Chopra recently addressed the rumor about Priyanka and Nick’s split-up and told the media, “It’s all  rubbish, don’t spread rumors.”

It remains unclear why Priyanka dropped her last name from her profile— maybe her feminist personality is quoting a new exemplar in society again?

However, Cut to the chase —  Madhu Chopra’s words are a sign of relief for “Nickyanka” admirers.  

Priyanka and Nick Jonas’s first encounter was in 2017 when designer Ralph Lauren invited them to the grand fashion event Met Gala. Nick proposed to Priyanka on her birthday in London and later they got married in 2018. Priyanka’s is right now working on, “The untitled fourth Matrix” movie, which is a follow-up of 2003’s The Matrix Revolutions. One-half of the director duo, Lana Wachowski, returns to direct. Carrie-Anne Moss and Keanu Reeves will make a comeback as Trinity and Neo, respectively. Jada Pinkett Smith, Lambert Wilson, and Daniel Bernhardt also reprise their roles from previous movies.

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