Why Canada is the most favorable country for 90% Indians to work?

Workers in Canada are the merriest because of a few reasons.

Every year, many Indians immigrants move to countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. Many of them travel to foreign countries on Permanent Resident visas and look for jobs to settle down.

Canada is the number one choice when it comes to living and working. There are numerous reasons why it is a common choice for Indians to live, work, and settle.

As the world looks upon America’s host of anti-immigration scandals and policies with dismay, some immigrants are looking elsewhere for a place to start a new life. That’s put Canada on the world stage as an alternative place to seek out the so-called American Dream.

Here are some things which makes the country different and preferred

1 Canada workers has a stable, democratic political system

Though Canadian governments shift between various liberal and conservative parties depending on the political climate, in general, all of Canada’s political parties have relatively centrist stances on hot-button issues such as women’s and LGBT rights, environmental concerns and immigration, which are sometimes highly divisive in other democratic nations

2.Job Security to Canada workers

Owing to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has remained focused on ensuring the job security of Canadian Citizens as well as immigrants in Canada.

3.Canada has greater economic freedom because of our sound, reliable and transparent public finances.

4.Canada has a relatively lower unemployment rate than the U.S. particularly among young workers.

5.Canada is the 10th largest economy in the world

Canada punches above its weight when it comes to the world economy. Despite having the 38th largest population in the world, Canada has the 10th largest economy, with an output of 1.6 trillion or $48,100 per capita.

6. Canada’s tech industry is growing rapidly for workers

The tech sector is Canada’s fastest growing industry, which spells good things for Canada’s future, as the need for tech professionals continues to boom. Government support and investment in Canada’s tech industry is strong, as well, with grants and other tools available to help Canadian startups.

7. Canada’s banks are extremely stable for workers

For years Canada’s banks have been ranked the world’s most stable according to the World Economic Forum. In Canada, you can rest easy knowing that if you deposit your money into a major bank it’s going to be safe and sound. Canada hasn’t had a bank failure since 1983.

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